The burden to open a school to train preachers and missionaries was put on the heart of the school’s first president, Dr. Ivan G. Casteel, in the mid-1980’s. At this time facilities were not available for him to proceed with this endeavor, so he continued to pray that God would open the door in His time. In the summer of 1988, Dr. Casteel was sent out of Maranatha Baptist Church in Newcastle, Oklahoma to start Beth Haven Baptist Church.

In 1994 Dr. Richard M. Hays became a member of Beth Haven Baptist Church. Together he and Dr. Casteel attended a conference where Bro. Hays was the main speaker. His topic was Biblical Counseling. At this time there were not any other Independent Fundamental Baptist Biblical Counselors. Dr. Hays’ time could only be stretched so far to help those in need of this ministry, and he was being requested by other pastors to move to their area for help. At the close of the conference, Dr. Casteel discussed opening a school to train others with Dr. Hays.

In the spring of 1996 Beth Haven Bible Institute and Biblical Counselor’s Seminary opened for its first semester. In October of 2008 Dr. Rick Carter Jr. became pastor of Beth Haven Baptist Church and the president of the school. Beth Haven Baptist Church is currently working to build our first facility to house the school, providing designated class rooms and additional counseling offices as well as lodging facilities for counselees that come from out of town. Since Pastor Carter has become the President, the school has changed its name to Beth Haven Baptist Seminary. The goal of the school from the beginning has been to prepare men and women for the ministry God has called them to do. Through the classes offered on site at the school and the extension of a correspondence school, many have been and continue to be trained all over the world.