Notice: The Oklahoma State Board of Regents has prohibited unaccredited institutions of higher education from using such terms as: “Degree” “Bachelors” “Masters” or “Doctorate”. To be in accordance with state law we have substituted these terms with: “Diploma” “Undergraduate” “Graduate” and “Post Graduate

School of the Bible

  • The Beth Haven Baptist Seminary School of the Bible is an undergraduate program designed to train up faithful young men and women for local church ministry. The School of the Bible offers one diploma:
    • The Undergraduate of Theology Diploma – 128 Credit Hours

Our School of the Bible program provides a solid foundation in the doctrines of the Bible, and practical ministry application for anyone seeking to be a Pastor, Associate Pastor, Youth Pastor, Missionary, Evangelist, or Biblical Counselor. For more information on courses offered in the School of the Bible, see our online catalogue under Academics.

School of Biblical Counseling

  • At BHBS we offer a specialty Graduate and Post Graduate Program in the field of Biblical Counseling. Biblical Counseling is one of the most needed local church ministries and often most neglected areas of study for pastors and others in the ministry. In a world and especially a culture where most people who walk through the doors of a church have seen a psychologist, secular therapist, and at the very least have been indoctrinated by their philosophies, it is absolutely necessary for men and women of God to be equipped with the knowledge and understanding needed to overcome and undo these psycho-heretical winds of doctrine. The school of Biblical Counseling gives the best education available to Christian workers to be effective in this much needed ministry. The School of Biblical Counseling offers two diplomas:
    • Graduate Diploma in Biblical Counseling – 48 Credit Hours including a practicum and 10,000 word dissertation. A person who earns this diploma will be able to use the credential: Certified Biblical Counselor (CBC)
    • Post Graduate Diploma in the Philosophy of Biblical Counseling – 60 Credit Hours including a 25,000 word dissertation. A Person who earns this diploma will be able to use the credential: Ph.D.